The responsibility of the user

By accepting these terms and conditions, the customer certifies having read the safety and usage guidelines for the products available on the website and more specifically for the electric actuators.  


This document, and other information from MotionPro+ and authorized distributors, provides product and system options for users with advanced technical knowledge.

By carrying out his own analyzes and tests, the user is solely responsible for the final selection of the system and the components, in the same way as he is responsible for ensuring that the requirements in terms of performance, endurance, maintenance, safety are met. and warning.

The user should analyze all aspects of the application, follow applicable industry standards and product information in the current product catalog and any other documentation provided by MotionPro+, its affiliates or authorized distributors.

To the extent MotionPro+ or its authorized distributors provide system or component options based on data or specifications provided by the user, it is the responsibility of the user to determine whether such data and specifications are suitable and sufficient for all reasonably foreseeable applications and uses of the components or systems.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in accidents involving serious injury.
It is important for anyone who needs to connect, install or use the systems to have the necessary information:

• If there is visible damage to the product, it should not be installed.
• If the control box emits unusual noises or odors, switch off the mains voltage immediately.
• The products must only be used in an environment corresponding to their IP protection.
• Cleaners and disinfectants should not be highly alkaline or acidic (pH 6-8).
• Regardless of the load, the duty cycle indicated in the data sheets must NOT be exceeded.

 Systems can only be used in push applications.

• The control box must only be connected to the voltage indicated on the label.
• System not specified for pull should only be used in push applications.
• Screws and fixing screws must be properly tightened.
• The characteristics of the label must in no case be excluded.
• Use the actuator only within the specified working limits.
• When building the applications in which the actuator is to be mounted, there must be no risk of injury,
    eg clamping or fingers or arms.
• If irregularities are observed, the actuator must be replaced.
• If the actuator is used to pull in an application where personal injury may occur, the following is valid: It is the
    customer's responsibility to incorporate a suitable safety device, which will prevent personal injury, if the actuator should fail.

Assembly Instructions General

Please read the following safety instructions carefully. Ensure that all personnel who are to connect, mount or operate the actuator are in possession of the necessary information and have access to this assembly instruction.

Persons who do not have the necessary experience or knowledge of the product(s) should not use the product(s).

In addition, persons with physical or mental impairments should not use the product or products unless they are supervised or have been properly instructed in the use of the device by a person who is responsible for the safety of these people.

Additionally, children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product.

If you do not follow these instructions, the actuator may be damaged or ruined.

• Before starting the assembly / disassembly, make sure that the following points are respected:
- The actuator is not running.
- Mains power is off and the plug has been removed.
- The actuator is free of loads that could be released during this work.

• Before putting the actuator into service, check the following points:
- The actuator is correctly mounted as indicated in the corresponding operating instructions.
- The equipment can be moved freely over the entire working area of ​​the actuator.
- The actuator is connected to a mains supply / electrical transformer with the correct voltage and which is sized and suitable for the actuator concerned.
- Make sure that the voltage applied corresponds to the voltage specified on the label of the actuator.
- Ensure that the connecting bolts can withstand wear.
- Make sure the connecting bolts are securely fastened.

• During Operation
- Listen for unusual sounds and watch out for uneven strokes. Stop the actuator immediately if anything unusual is observed.
- Do not load the actuator laterally.
- Only use the actuator within the indicated working limits.
- Do not step on the actuator.
• When the equipment is not in use
- Switch off the mains supply or disconnect the plug in order to prevent any unintended operation.
- Regularly check the actuator and seals for extraordinary wear.

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