Smart DC motor controller
Smart DC motor controller
Smart DC motor controller
Smart DC motor controller

Smart DC motor controller

15 jours
Supply voltage 10 → 35 Vdc
Running 15A
Tension 12 VDC; 24 VDC
Compatible engine type permanent magnet
control input Potentiometer, Voltage
Assembly Panel Mount, DIN Rail Mount
Length 72mm
Lenght 25mm
Depth 42mm
Dimensions 72 x 25 x 42mm
Operating temperature range -40 → +60°C



The EM-241-PLI is a full bridge brushed DC-motor starter.It is designed to work in a wide range of applications and offers a host of adjustments to optimise control for each application.The drive has adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps to produce smooth starts and stops,adjustable current limit protects motor against overcurrent and can also be used to provide an end-stop on current trip

The PLI version has a PULSE COUNTER which can be used to define end stops - the count setting is stored in non-volatile memory
This device has also two settable speeds, which are useful in positioning applications
Control inputs are present for basic forward, backward and stop commands, as well as limit switch inputs to define end stops
This device has also two settable speeds, this can be activated by dedicated input. The same input can be used for analogue speed control signal 0-5V
Fault output can indicate current trip, over-current or zero-current conditions. It can also be pulled down to ground to disable the drive, if required
C-version includes wo new parameter: freewheel options for release the rotor of motor, selectable pwm frequency (16kHz pwm being inaudible though current handling capacity is reduced)
There are two selectable control modes, in continuous mode the motor runs as long as the control is active, in impulse mode it will operate from a momentary command
Special settings are also available for start-up kick and auto reverse
For parameters setting there are 3 options: EM-236 interface unit, EM-268 with Menthol-Lite PC-program and EM-326 with Menthol-App application for smartphone

Small size with high current output
2ch pulse counter inputs
Pulse counter limits.
Current limit 0.1-20A (30A at start up)
Zero current limit
Overvoltage brake
Speed setting
Flexible control inputs
impulse / continuous mode
DIN rail mountable
Programmable parameters to suit application
* Continuous current output when ambient temp is <50°C )
15A at 100% speed / 10A at 5-99% speed pwm=2kHz
Peak ( 5s.) 30A at 2khz PWM

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